On 12/30/2015 06:34 PM, Piotr Sawuk wrote:
> sorry for the old kernel. tell me if it failed to apply.
You should send your patch to the appropriate maintainers (use the 
get_maintainer.pl script) and your patch should be inline (not an attachment). 
See documentation/SubmittingPatches for more information.
> and I have a question, since I know nothing of linux-programming:
> in include/linux/hidraw.h there is a struct hidraw defined.
> obviously one of these is assigned to each device.
> also hid-saitek.c uses that and stores its data inside.
> more exactly in ->hid->dev->mode is a value I'd like to read.
>From what I read, it uses the driver data pointer from the hid_device 
>structure. As its name imply, it is a way for a driver to attach some data to 
>a device for internal use (only the driver knows its meaning).
> what is the proper way to do that? is it possible from userspace?
> hid-saitek module removes information on what colour the mode-LED has.
> that information is stored in the mode variable of struct saitec_sc.
> since that struct is only defined in the c-sources, I have a problem?
> would it be sufficient to move that definition into include/?
> any suggestions on where to?
You can add a sysfs attribute to expose the value to userspace, you should find 
plenty of example code around.

If you have more questions, I suggest you send them to the kernelnewbies 
mailing list, you may get more help there.
> P

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