On Wed 18 Oct 2000 19:23:54 +0100,
   David Woodhouse <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Don't you need to deal with the !CONFIG_AGP case correctly?

This should already be dealt with in the Makefile -- if !CONFIG_AGP,
then the file that we've been talking about (agpsupport.c) isn't

(So, yes, you can still customize a drm module for your specific
kernel.  But I'm arguing for the ability to build a generic drm module
that will determine agpgart presence at run time and use it if needed.)

> > [Note that the other way to fix this would be to export
> > get_module_symbol all the time, and have it just search the available
> > symbol space if CONFIG_MODULES is 'n'.]
> There is no available symbol space if CONFIG_MODULES is 'n'. 

Oh :(

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