On Jul 26, 2016, at 3:56 PM, SF Markus Elfring wrote:

>> But kobject_put() already checks for NULL, right?
> Yes. - Such an input parameter validation is performed by the
> function implementation.
>> you just submitted another batch about that in other area.
> I sent update suggestions because of this function property for two
> Linux software modules in the year 2015.
>>> Adjust jump targets according to the Linux coding style convention.
>> Not that I am totally against this patch,
> Thanks for your feedback.
>> but when we do not need the extra checks, a single jump target is ok too in 
>> my mind
> A single goto label will look convenient for a while. It will often work
> for several use cases.
>> (extra benefit - there's not going to be any chance of a mistake to where to 
>> jump to).
> I have got an other opinion when you would like to care for a bit
> more software efficiency.
>> And when we have a single jump target, there's no supersmart naming
>> like free_this_and_that_and_that_other_thing_too.
> How often do you care for efficient exception handling in the shown
> function implementations?

This function is called several times during lustre module insert.
Namely it's called 5 times for 5 types:
osc, mdc, lov, lmv, mgc.

It's not called any more than that, so it's not exactly a super hot-path 
to overoptimize it, and the failure is presumed to never happen too
(or the module would be non-functional).

I guess you have already did all the work so I don't have any principal 
here, it's just like I said, in a non-super contended path, a single
"fail" label is probably easier on the developer when they need to add another
check there, as opposed to figuring and possibly adding a correct another
label that would do something sensible.

Thank you for your contributions.

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