On Sat, 2007-02-17 at 12:25 -0600, James Bottomley wrote:
> > Yup, this obscure machine is missing smp_call_function_single().
> > 
> > James ?
> Where's this coming from?  smp_call_function_single() is an obscure kvm
> only API think for x86/ia64 ... it's not supported on any other
> architecure.  The symbol you have is blowing up in the kernel
> subdirectory which suggests someone has tried to use it in generic code,
> which will fail to compile on a lot more than voyager and parisc ...

smp_call_function_single() was added with commit:

   [PATCH] i386: add smp_call_function_single
    Continiung the series of small patches necessary for the perfmon subsystem,
    here is a patch that adds support for the smp_call_function_single()
    function for i386.  It exists for almost all other architectures but i386.
    The perfmon subsystem needs it in one case to free some state on a
    designated remote CPU.

It's not an obscure kvm API :) But the claim that it is available on
almost all other architectures but i386 is wrong. Only x86_64, ia64 and
i386 have it.

The function is defined in include/linux/smp.h and there is no
indication that it is an architecture specific thingy. What a steaming
pile of ....

/me grumbles


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