On Thu, Sep 15, 2016 at 04:18:42PM -0500, Andy Gross wrote:
> Actually, on thinking about this more, the bam block itself only
> requires the
> single clock.  The peripheral it is attached to has to keep its sanity
> during
> the duration of the transfer (crypto).  The crypto requires 3 clocks,
> one of
> which is the same clk the bam requires.
> You can access the BAM registers with the bam_clk only, correct?

No, with only bam_clk board reboots. In fact, core_clk is the only
required one.

> The CLK_SRC is unnecessary.  Or should be at least.  That gets turned
> on by
> getting the CE2_CLK.  I vaguely remember a parent issue that was
> fixed.

Yes, I thought it was required to change its speed to achieve maximum
QCE performance but as it have been pointed out, same adjustment on core
clock does the same.

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