On Thu, 22 Sep 2016, Arvind Yadav wrote:

> Subject: clocksource: timer-imx-gpt: Unmap and free region obtained by 
> of_iomap and kzalloc

These subject lines are useless and way too long. A patch subject should
describe the nature of the patch and not elaborate what the patch is doing

   clocksrouce/timer-imz-gpt: Prevent resource leaks in error path

would be a proper subject line which makes it entirely clear what this
patch is about.

>From your subject line I have to read the patch itself to figure that
out. It's completely irrelevant whether that resource is a mapping or
allocated memory. The point is that the error path leaks resource(s).

See Documentation/SubmittingPatches. There you'll find a lengthy
explanation about changelogs and summary lines in particular.



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