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rk3399 supports PCIe 2.x link speeds marginally at best, and on some
boards, the link won't train at 5 GT/s at all. Rather than sacrifice 500
ms waiting for training that will never happen, let's support a device
tree quirk flag to disable generation 2 speeds entirely.

I was thinking about could we get target link speed [TLS] from the
end-point when finishing Gen1 training, but it seems that the location
of ep's TLS is not fixed.

Indeed it's not, but we could probably handle that if absolutely needed
(get a reference to the root port pci_dev somehow, then use the existing
helpers to walk children and get the computed ->pcie_cap offset). But

Right, we could probably walk through the ep's cap and get this, but
sure, it's not the problem here, and that is maybe what I want to dig
more later.

Thanks for sharing this.

that's not the problem here; we have 5 GT/s devices, but they are not
running at 5 GT/s because link training can't pass. We have been told
there are still SI issues, and so you wouldn't really be able to turn
this out at runtime anyway.

But sure, I suppose that'd be a way to (for chips/boards that don't have
SI issues) determine whether or not to attempt gen2 training at all.
That does sound better than just timing out after 500ms...

Anyway, your patch looks sane to me as we leave gen2 as default and
people could drop that feature by adding rockchip,disable-gen2 to
their dts if they are sure the board would never supoort Gen2 devices.

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