On 12-10-16, 15:12, Markus Mayer wrote:
> This series contains the CPUfreq driver for Broadcom SoCs that use "AVS
> Firmware" for voltage and frequency scaling. All voltage and frequency
> transitions are performed by the firmware and are therefore hidden from
> Linux.
> The driver provides a standard CPUfreq interface to other kernel
> components and to userland on the one hand and communicates with the
> AVS co-processor on the other.
> Communication between the two processors is via shared mailbox
> registers and interrupts (ARM -> AVS to tell the firmware that there is
> a command to process and AVS -> ARM to tell the driver that a command
> finished executing).
> Changes from v3:
>     - moved code from brcm_avs_cpufreq_exit() into brcm_avs_cpufreq_remove()
>     - removed brcm_avs_cpufreq_exit() altogether

For the entire series:

Acked-by: Viresh Kumar <viresh.ku...@linaro.org>


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