On 14/10/16 17:24, Abdul Haleem wrote:
> Hi,
> Kernel Oops, followed by kernel panic seen while running rcutorture test on 
> 4.8.0 kernel
> Machine Type : PowerPC Bare Metal
> RCU torture test steps:
> 1. modprobe rcutorture
> 2. start CPU offline and online while torture test is running
> dmesg start flooded with Oops messages following kernel panic resulted in 
> machine reboot.

Good bug. The report looks good

Any chance you could add ftrace_dump_on_oops to command line and start this test
with tracing enabled? Otherwise, getting the line via addr2line of 
would be helpful.

It would also be nice to know the CFAR value (CFAR: c0000000000089e0) using

Balbir Singh.

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