Aha, thanks! I never would have known this without being told -
 there is no visible indication that the symbol info pane exists
 at all until one tries to drag the lower right corner of the window
 notth-eastwards - is this meant to be somehow an intuitive thing to
 do these days to view more info ?

 I did manage to view the option documentation with nconfig  /
 using emacs to view the KConf files (preferable).

 Really, it would be nice if xconfig had some 'View' Menu & one could select
 View -> Option Documentation  or press <F1> over an option to view the
 documentation for it , and if the geometry of the different panes was
correct at
 startup .- the whole Option value pane initially appears on the far right hand
 side, about 10 pixels wide , until resized ; and there really is no sign of the
 documentation pane at all until lower right-hand corner dragged.

 Also, in the Help -> Introduction panel, it says :
   "Toggling Show Debug Info under the Options menu will show the
 but there is no "Show Debug Info" option on the Options menu - sounds like
 it might be a useful feature - should I be seeing a "Show Debug Info" option ?
 why don't I see one ?  Maybe the Options menu might be a good place to put
 an "Expand Option Documentation Pane" option ?

Thanks anyway for the info.


On 11/10/2016, Randy Dunlap <rdun...@infradead.org> wrote:
> [changed linux-config to linux-kbuild list]
> On 10/09/16 13:46, Jason Vas Dias wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I've been doing 'make xconfig'  to configure the kernel for many years
>> now, and
>> always there used to be some option documentation pane populated with
>> summary documentation for the specific option selected .
>> But now,  when built for Qt 5.7.0, (also tried Qt 4.8 and GTK) there
>> is no option
>> documentation pane - this is a real pain !  The option documentation also
>> is not displayed with any other gui, eg.  'make menuconfig' / 'make
>> gtkconfig' -
>> I'm sure it used to be . This is a regression IMHO .
>> How can I restore display of documentation for each selected option ?
>> Will older xconfig work for Linux 4.8 ? it appears not ...
>> Thanks in advance for any replies,
>> Jason
> That's odd. I see the help info in all of xconfig, gconfig, menuconfig, &
> nconfig.
> In xconfig, if the right hand side of the config window only lists some
> kernel config
> options and no symbol help/info, the symbol info portion may be hidden. Try
> pointing
> to the bottom of the right side of the window and hold down the left mouse
> button
> and then drag the mouse pointer upward to open the symbol info pane.
> At least that is what works for me.
> --
> ~Randy

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