On Sun, Oct 16, 2016 at 11:42:26AM -0700, h...@zytor.com wrote:
> It's needlessly adding complexity for no reason, at least for the

What complexity? The init_scattered_cpuid_features() version is a
trivial patch in comparison to the current version.

> leaves that are going to add bits over time.

Sure, except they don't get added or we don't need them or whatever, and
we end up with only a small number of bits actually being used.

I don't mind moving them to x86_capability later, when a high percentage
of the respective leaf is actually being used but not for a couple of
bits. That's just waste.

> The x86_capability array is not an expensive resource.

0.1% here, 0.1% there, the creeping bloat thing.

And again, the init_scattered_cpuid_features() hunk is much smaller.


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