On 2016年10月16日 02:03, ayaka wrote:
I meet a problem with eDP in rk3288 with the linux next 20161006, it is just like the early stage of 4.4 kernel. I have added a eDP panel entry in the firefly reload board, once the kernel loaded analogix_dp-rockchip.ko, after printed the following two lines, the kernel stop working. rockchip-drm display-subsystem: bound ff940000.vop (ops vop_component_ops [rockchipdrm]) rockchip-drm display-subsystem: bound ff930000.vop (ops vop_component_ops [rockchipdrm])

Hi ayaka

This log seems no problem.

How about tested it with build-in? we had test it with build-in.

Maybe this patch can help you, you can have a try.


In the early June of the 4.4 kernel, I meet the same problem with rk3288 evb board with different error message, I have to disable the display system that time. In the today test, I meet the same problem with rk3399 evb board in 4.4. I have no idea what caused that, and it is a little hard to debug as kernel still would never kill that task.
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