Le 17/10/2016 à 14:53, Peter Rosin a écrit :
> Hi!
> I'm suffering from a regression while using the usb gadget port on the
> sama5d3 to get terminal access to the device in question 
> I get this message when I try to connect:
> udc: ep: Invalid setup request: 02.01 v0000 i0081 l0, halting endpoint...
> A bisect blames commit v4.7-rc1-21-gc32b5bcfa3c4 "ARM: dts: at91: Fix
> USB endpoint nodes".
> And indeed, reverting that commit on top of v4.9-rc1 fixes things,
> although that doesn't look like the best of fixes...
> BTW, the bisect was extremely painful since v4.7-rc1 seemed broken
> somewhere in the overlayfs area. I hope I will never ever need to bisect
> in the v4.6..v4.7 area again. This was the second time, the first time
> I was chasing a gpio interrupt bug, but I never found out what was wrong
> and stopped looking when v4.9-rc1 turned out to be ok even though v4.8
> was bad, it was just too painful to look for things that already seemed
> fixed.

I guess that you are referring to the regression listed here:

The patch is available and will hopefully land in an official kernel
soon (4.8.1) as said by Felipe and Greg.

Sorry for the inconvenience. Best regards,
Nicolas Ferre

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