Hi Linus,

not sure whom to address on this issue.

I have built Linux v4.9-rc1, v4.8.2 and v4.4.25 kernels (in this
order) this morning.

Building a Linux v4.8.2 under Linux v4.9-rc1 took two times longer.

As usually I build with 2 parallel-make-jobs.
This takes approx. 30mins.
Under Linux v4.9-rc1 it took approx. an hour.

My system is a Ubuntu/precise AMD64 (WUBI installation).
I use my normal build-environment.

If you need further informations, please let me know.

- Sedat -

P.S.: Listing content of attached tarball file.

$ LC_ALL=C ls -R
build-time  configs  scripts  toolchain-amd64


WHATS-IN-DILEKS-LINUX-KERNEL.txt  config-4.4.25-1-iniza-small
config-4.8.2-1-iniza-small  config-4.9.0-rc1-1-iniza-small



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