My haswell machine won't boot with 4.9-rc1, apparently due to missing 
symbols in the modules.  Possibly being related to ftrace being on?

It booted just fine with linus-git from 13 October so this is a recent 

Just wanted to see if this was a known issue before I try to bisect 

[    4.448405] thermal: no symbol version for __fentry__
[    4.453999] thermal: Unknown symbol __fentry__ (err -22)
[    4.454065] usb_common: no symbol version for __fentry__
[    4.454068] usb_common: Unknown symbol __fentry__ (err -22)
[    4.499172] pps_core: no symbol version for _copy_from_user
[    4.505262] pps_core: Unknown symbol _copy_from_user (err -22)
[    4.505293] usb_common: no symbol version for __fentry__
[    4.505297] usb_common: Unknown symbol __fentry__ (err -22)

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