On 10/17/2016 10:19 AM, James Bottomley wrote:
On Mon, 2016-10-17 at 09:51 -0700, David Singleton wrote:
From: Shikhar Dogra <shido...@cisco.com>

Reduce chatter on console for usb hotplug.
KERN_ERR is too high severity for these messages, moving them
It's an error because we have several USB to IDE bridges that have
write back cache drives but report nothing to the caching mode page.
  For them this is a serious error because their data integrity is at
risk.  I'm open to other ways to fix your problem, but downgrading the
message severity because *you* don't have an issue would mask the
problem for others, so it's not really viable.

Is there a way to detect when you have a device of the type where this is a serious issue ? This typically happen for USB drives, but seems to have no effect on them.


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