On 10/18, Robert Jarzmik wrote:
> Robert Jarzmik <robert.jarz...@free.fr> writes:
> > This is the initial stage to transfer the pxa25x and pxa27x CPU clocks
> > handling from cpufreq to the clock API. More precisely, the clocks
> > transferred are :
> >  - cpll : core pll, known also as the CPU core turbo frequency
> >  - core : core, known also as the CPU actual frequency, being either the
> >           CPU core turbo frequency or the CPU core run frequency
> >
> > This transfer is a prequel to shrink the code in pxa2xx-cpufreq.c, so
> > that it can become, at least in devicetree builds, the casual cpufreq-dt
> > driver.
> Hi Michael and Stephen,
> I'm planing on sending a v2 next week with minor corrections, mostly in the 
> data
> tables (pxa25x_freqs and pxa27x_freqs), as testing prooved some values were 
> wrong.
> If you want me modify this serie, will you have time to review for next week 
> or
> should I delay the v2 posting ?

No need to delay. clk patches look fine with a quick glance. It
would be really neat if we could make cpufreq-dt work without DT.
What's blocking that? OPP tables?

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