Hi Laurent, John,

> > Here's what I'm using to get it working:
> > https://git.linaro.org/people/john.stultz/android-dev.git/commitdiff/1024cb4
> > 85b6f00a7e355ce60425f04a584481148
> Thank you.
> We need to standardize DT bindings for HDMI sound output. Morimoto-san, could 
> you have a look at the DT bindings proposal for HDMI sound output with the 
> ADV7511, and comment on whether it matches the approach you've taken for HDMI 
> sound output on R-Car Gen3 ?

Above patch is using normal simple-card style for HDMI sound, but as Laurent
said we want to use same DT style for HDMI video and sound (= OF graph style).
Fortunately, I posted patch-set for OF graph support on sound card yesterday.
Can you check this ?
The points are
 - sound can use OF graph style DT
 - sound-card DT is no longer needed
 - it needs type = "sound" property

patch-set [0/23] is this

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