Jean Delvare <> wrote:

> > Note that we do still need to do the module initialisation because some
> > drivers have viable defaults set in case parameters aren't specified and
> > some drivers support automatic configuration (e.g. PNP or PCI) in addition
> > to manually coded parameters.
> Initializing the driver when you are not able to honor the user request
> looks wrong to me. I don't see how some drivers having sane defaults
> justifies that. Using the defaults when no parameters are passed is one
> thing (good), still using the defaults when parameters are passed is
> another (bad), and you should be able to differentiate between these two
> cases.

Corey Minyard argues the other way:

        This would prevent any IPMI interface from working if any address was
        given on the kernel command line. I'm not sure what the best policy
        is, but that sounds like a possible DOS to me.

Your preference allows someone to prevent a driver from initialising - which
could also be bad.  The problem is that I don't think there's any way to do

Note that the policy isn't actually handled in any of these patches, but will
be handled in a later patchset that is on top of my EFI changes also.

> > Suggested-by: One Thousand Gnomes <>
> I know this is only a Suggested-by and not a Signed-off-by, but still I
> believe the Developer's Certificate of Origin applies, and it says:
> "using your real name (sorry, no pseudonyms or anonymous
> contributions.)"

I asked him what he prefers - but no response.

> No objection from me, but I think you missed several i2c bus driver
> parameters:
> i2c-ali15x3.c:module_param(force_addr, ushort, 0);
> i2c-piix4.c:module_param (force_addr, int, 0);
> i2c-sis5595.c:module_param(force_addr, ushort, 0);
> i2c-viapro.c:module_param(force_addr, ushort, 0);

Okay, thanks.  They all seem to encode ioports.  All changed.

> And maybe the following ones, but I'm not sure if forcibly enabling a
> device is part of what you need to prevent:
> i2c-piix4.c:module_param (force, int, 0);
> i2c-sis630.c:module_param(force, bool, 0);
> i2c-viapro.c:module_param(force, bool, 0);

I don't know either.  One could argue it *should* be locked down because its
need appears to reflect a BIOS bug.


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