I'm sorry if I'm spamming some lists with this help request, but I don't
know exactly what's the right mailing list.

I would like to use Logitech G502 RGB gaming mouse with programmed
profiles from their software, but I realized that generic driver in
linux didn't support it. Logitech discards any support for Linux OS.
This is the only reason I need a dual boot with Windows for programming
the mouse or generate the xml template for the key bindings.

In Windows key mapping for mouse can be loaded from a xml file that
stores profiles or programmed directly into the mouse, but limited to
the keys available in keyboard or software.The following guides explains
the setup:



With xml template is also possible to configure additional keys like F13
that are usefull to map macros for example in an IDE software. The guide
explaining how to change xml file is below:


This mouse has many programmable keys that I would like to use in linux.

I suspect that xml configuration is loaded with the windows driver for
g502. Since with actual generic driver in linux 4.8 the profile could
not be loaded, I ask if I you could help giving additional support for
it in linux kernel?



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