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> It turns out that we can't use the _CRS of host bridges because of the
> Producer/Consumer bit screwup [1].  So the fallback is to include the
> ECAM space in the _CRS of a PNP0C02 device.  This is what the PCI
> Firmware spec r3.0, Table 4-2, footnote 2 is talking about.
> Bjorn
> [1] The original ACPI spec intent was that Consumer resources would be
> space like ECAM that is consumed directly by the bridge, and Producer
> resources would be the windows forwarded down to PCI.  But BIOSes
> didn't use the Producer/Consumer bit consistently, so we have to
> assume that all resources in host bridge _CRS are windows, which
> leaves us no way to describe the Consumer resources.

Aside - and now I realize you'd called this out as recently as last
month. Alas the HPE m400 I reference on the other thread about the
APM quirks doesn't have the motherboard resource entry so we're
stuck with exactly the situation you describe above there.


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