On Sat, Mar 18, 2017 at 04:19:43AM +0800, Icenowy Zheng wrote:
> In commit e66f81bbd746 ("clk: sunxi-ng: Implement factors offsets"), the
> final formula of NKMP clocks' recalc_rate is refactored; however, the
> refactored formula broke the calculation due to some C language operand
> priority problem -- the priority of operand >> is lower than * and /,
> makes the formula being parsed as "(parent_rate * n * k) >> (p / m)", but
> it should be "(parent_rate * n * k >> p) / m".
> Add the pair of parentheses to fix up this issue. This pair of
> parentheses used to exist in the old formula.
> Fixes: commit e66f81bbd746 ("clk: sunxi-ng: Implement factors offsets")

You shouldn't have commit here.

> Signed-off-by: Icenowy Zheng <icen...@aosc.xyz>

Fixed it, and applied, thanks!

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