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>Subject: Re: [RFC PATCH 6/6] drm/i915/gvt: support QEMU getting the dmabuf
>  Hi,
>> >We could also do it the other way around:  Instead of having the
>> >kernel returning
>> >the plane description userspace could pass it in, and the kernel
>> >throws -EINVAL in
>> >case it doesn't match due to things having changed meanwhile.
>> Or just return a dmabuf  based on the current plane ?
>If gvt is able to hand out dma-bufs for inactive planes, then yes, we can do 
>Have one ioctl where we pass in the plane id, get back a plane description 
>and another where we pass in the plane description struct and get back a dma-
>buf fd.
Or more simply just pass the plane id, because even the plane description did 
not match the current one we will eventually create a dmabuf based on current 

>  Gerd
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