Ok, normally I do this on Sunday afternoon, but occasionally it
happens a day early like now to avoid people timing me.

In fact, I was planning on doing it yesterday evening this time around
because I was so annoyed with lots of late pull requests on Friday
(and some today), but ended up going to dinner and not getting
everything done, so it's only one day early. Next time...

This looks like a fairly regular release, and as always, rc1 is much
too large to post even the shortlog for. So just my rough "mergelog"
that shows who I pulled from and a oneliner description of the pull.

Once again, the diffstat is absolutely dominated by some AMD gpu
header files, but if you ignore that, things look pretty regular, with
about two thirds drivers and one third "rest" (architecture, core
kernel, core networking, tooling).

Slightly unusual is the Documentation updates, which are a fairly
noticeable part of that "rest" (almost half) due to continued work to
regularize and clean up stuff.

Get testing,



Al Viro (21):
    misc user access cleanups
    wait syscall updates
    read/write updates
    timer-related user access updates
    memdup_user() conversions
    DRM compat ioctl handling updates
    misc compat stuff updates
    alpha user access updates
    probe_kernel_read() uses
    user access str* updates
    iov_iter hardening
    read/write fix
    __copy_in_user removal
    spi uaccess delousing
    misc filesystem updates
    waitid fix
    copy*_iter fix
    network field-by-field copy-in updates
    uacess-unaligned removal
    more __copy_.._user elimination
    ->s_options removal

Alex Williamson (1):
    VFIO updates

Alexandre Belloni (1):
    RTC updates

Andrew Morton (4):
    misc updates
    more updates
    yet more updates
    even more updates

Anna Schumaker (1):
    NFS client updates

Arnd Bergmann (7):
    non-urgent ARM SoC fixes
    ARM SoC platform updates
    ARM device-tree updates
    ARM SoC defconfig updates
    ARM SoC driver updates
    ARM 64-bit DT updates
    ARM SoC 64-bit updates

Bartlomiej Zolnierkiewicz (1):
    fbdev updates

Benson Leung (1):
    chrome platform updates

Bjorn Andersson (3):
    rpmsg updates
    remoteproc updates
    hwspinlock updates

Bjorn Helgaas (2):
    PCI updates
    PCI fixes

Bob Peterson (2):
    GFS2 updates
    GFS2 fix

Borislav Petkov (1):
    EDAC updates

Brian Norris (1):
    MTD updates

Bruce Fields (1):
    nfsd updates

Chris Metcalf (1):
    arch/tile updates

Christoph Hellwig (2):
    uuid subsystem
    dma-mapping infrastructure

Corey Minyard (1):
    IPMI updates

Dan Williams (1):
    libnvdimm updates

Darren Hart (2):
    x86 platform driver updates
    more x86 platform driver updates

Darrick Wong (2):
    XFS updates
    XFS fixes

Dave Airlie (2):
    drm updates
    more drm updates

David Miller (5):
    networking updates
    networking fixes
    sparc updates
    sparc fixes
    networking fixes

David Sterba (3):
    btrfs updates
    btrfs fix
    btrfs fixes

Dmitry Torokhov (2):
    input updates
    a few more input updates

Doug Ledford (1):
    rdma update

Eric Biederman (2):
    mnt namespace updates
    sysctl fix

Geert Uytterhoeven (1):
    m68k updates

Greg KH (6):
    USB/PHY updates
    staging/IIO updates
    tty/serial updates
    driver core updates
    char/misc updates
    USB fixes

Greg Ungerer (1):
    x86nommu update

Guenter Roeck (1):
    hwmon updates

Helge Deller (2):
    parisc updates
    another parisc update

Herbert Xu (2):
    crypto updates
    crypto fixes

Ilya Dryomov (1):
    ceph updates

Ingo Molnar (15):
    objtool updates
    RCU updates
    EFI updates
    locking updates
    perf updates
    scheduler updates
    nohz updates
    x86 apic updates
    x86 asm updates
    x86 boot updates
    x86 cleanups
    x86 debug update
    x86 hyperv updates
    x86 microcode updates
    x86 mm updates

Jacek Anaszewski (1):
    LED updates

Jaegeuk Kim (1):
    f2fs updates

James Bottomley (1):
    SCSI updates

James Morris (3):
    security layer updates
    security layer fixes
    key handling fixes

Jan Kara (1):
    ext2, udf, reiserfs fixes

Jassi Brar (1):
    mailbox updates

Jeff Layton (2):
    Writeback error handling fixes
    Writeback error handling updates

Jens Axboe (2):
    core block/IO updates
    more block updates

Jessica Yu (1):
    modules updates

Jiri Kosina (1):
    HID updates

Joerg Roedel (1):
    IOMMU updates

Jon Mason (1):
    NTB updates

Jonathan Corbet (3):
    documentation updates
    documentation fixes
    documentation format standardization

Juergen Gross (1):
    xen updates

Kees Cook (2):
    pstore updates
    GCC plugin updates

Lee Jones (2):
    MFD updates
    backlight updates

Linus Walleij (2):
    pin control updates
    GPIO updates

Luis de Bethencourt (1):
    single befs fix

Mark Brown (3):
    regmap updates
    regulator updates
    spi updates

Martin Schwidefsky (2):
    s390 updates
    more s390 updates

Masahiro Yamada (4):
    Kbuild updates
    misc Kbuild updates
    Kbuild thin archives updates
    more Kbuild updates

Mauro Carvalho Chehab (1):
    media updates

Michael Ellerman (2):
    powerpc updates
    powerpc fixes

Michal Simek (1):
    microblaze updates

Mike Snitzer (1):
    device mapper updates

Miklos Szeredi (1):
    overlayfs updates

Nicholas Bellinger (1):
    SCSI target updates

Paolo Bonzini (1):
    KVM updates

Paul Moore (1):
    audit updates

Petr Mladek (1):
    printk updates

Radim Krčmář (1):
    more KVM updates

Rafael Wysocki (8):
    power management updates
    ACPI updates
    more power management updates
    more ACPI updates
    device properties framework updates
    power management fixes
    ACPI fixes
    device properties framework fix

Ralf Baechle (1):
    MIPS updates

Richard Weinberger (2):
    UBIFS updates
    UML updates

Rob Herring (1):
    DeviceTree updates

Russell King (1):
    ARM updates

Sebastian Reichel (3):
    power supply and reset updates
    HSI updates
    power supply fixes

Shaohua Li (1):
    MD update

Shuah Khan (1):
    Kselftest updates

Stafford Horne (1):
    OpenRISC updates

Stephen Boyd (2):
    clk updates
    clk api update

Steve French (2):
    cifs fixes
    cifs fixes and sane default

Steven Rostedt (2):
    tracing updates
    more tracing updates

Takashi Iwai (2):
    sound updates
    sound fixes

Ted Ts'o (3):
    fscrypt updates
    ext4 updates
    random updates

Tejun Heo (3):
    percpu updates
    libata updates
    cgroup changes

Thierry Reding (1):
    pwm updates

Thomas Gleixner (14):
    timer updates
    irq updates
    x86 PCI updates
    x86 timers updates
    SMP hotplug updates
    RAS updates
    objtool fix
    irq fixes
    locking fixes
    perf fixes
    scheduler fixes
    smp/hotplug fix
    timers fixlet
    x86 fixes

Ulf Hansson (2):
    MMC updates
    MMC fixes

Vinod Koul (1):
    dmaengine updates

Will Deacon (1):
    arm64 updates

Wim Van Sebroeck (1):
    watchdog updates

Wolfram Sang (1):
    i2c updates

Zhang Rui (1):
    thermal management updates

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