This patch set extends the functionality of the irq-brcmstb-l2 interrupt
controller driver to cover a hardware variant first introduced in the
BCM7271 SoC.  The main difference between this variant and the block
found in earlier brcmstb SoCs is that this variant only supports level
sensitive interrupts and therefore does not latch the interrupt state
based on edges.  Since there is no longer a need to ack interrupts with
a register write to clear the latch the register map has been changed.

Therefore the change to add support for the new hardware block is to
abstract the register accesses to accommodate different maps and to
identify the block with a new device-tree compatible string.

I also took the opportunity to make some small efficiency enhancements
to the driver.  One of these was to make use of the slightly more
efficient irq_mask_ack method.  However, I discovered that the defined
irq_gc_mask_disable_reg_and_ack() generic irq function was insufficient
for my needs.  The first three commits of this set are intended to be a
correction of the existing generic irq implementation to provide a
function that can be used by interrupt controller drivers for their
irq_mask_ack method when disable/enable registers are used for masking
and interrupts are acknowledged by setting a bit in an ack register.

I believe these first three commits should be added to the irq/core
repository and possibly stable branches. The remaining commits should be
added to the irqchip/core repository but I have included the complete
set here for improved context since the irqchip patches are dependent on
the irq patches.  This entire set is therefore based on the irq/core
master branch.  Please let me know if you would like a different

If the changes to genirq are not acceptable I can implement the
irq_mask_ask method locally in the irq-brcmstb-l2 driver and submit
that on its own.

Changes in v2:

- removed unused permutations of irq_mask_ack methods
- added Reviewed-by and Acked-by responses from first submission

Doug Berger (5):
  genirq: generic chip: add irq_gc_mask_disable_and_ack_set()
  genirq: generic chip: remove irq_gc_mask_disable_reg_and_ack()
  irqchip: brcmstb-l2: Remove some processing from the handler
  irqchip: brcmstb-l2: Abstract register accesses
  irqchip: brcmstb-l2: Add support for the BCM7271 L2 controller

Florian Fainelli (1):
  irqchip/tango: Use irq_gc_mask_disable_and_ack_set

 .../bindings/interrupt-controller/brcm,l2-intc.txt |   3 +-
 drivers/irqchip/irq-brcmstb-l2.c                   | 145 ++++++++++++++-------
 drivers/irqchip/irq-tango.c                        |   2 +-
 include/linux/irq.h                                |   2 +-
 kernel/irq/generic-chip.c                          |  15 ++-
 5 files changed, 114 insertions(+), 53 deletions(-)


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