On 07/08/2017 10:44, Longpeng(Mike) wrote:
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> +     /*
> +      * Intel sdm vol3 ch-25.1.3 says: The “PAUSE-loop exiting”
> +      * VM-execution control is ignored if CPL > 0. So the vcpu
> +      * is always exiting with CPL=0 if it uses PLE.

This is not true (how can it be?).  What 25.1.3 says is, the VCPU is
always at CPL=0 if you get a PAUSE exit (reason 40) and PAUSE exiting is
0 (it always is for KVM).  But here you're looking for a VCPU that
didn't get a PAUSE exit, so the CPL can certainly be 3.

However, I understand that vmx_get_cpl can be a bit slow here.  You can
actually read SS's access rights directly in this function and get the
DPL from there, that's going to be just a single VMREAD.

The only difference is when vmx->rmode.vm86_active=1.  However,
pause-loop exiting is not working properly anyway if
vmx->rmode.vm86_active=1, because CPL=3 according to the processor.


> +      * The following block needs less cycles than vmx_get_cpl().
> +      */
> +     if (cpu_has_secondary_exec_ctrls())
> +             secondary_exec_ctrl = vmcs_read32(SECONDARY_VM_EXEC_CONTROL);
> +     if (secondary_exec_ctrl & SECONDARY_EXEC_PAUSE_LOOP_EXITING)
> +             return true;
> +


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