Hi Peter,

The point is we call use it as bellow,
because TASK_RUNNING is 0, that will dump all tasks.

Under some circumstance, we need this to dump only tasks in TASK_RUNNING state.


2017-08-08 16:30 GMT+08:00 Peter Zijlstra <pet...@infradead.org>:
> On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 08:53:10PM +0800, Yafang Shao wrote:
>> Sometimes we want to get tasks in TASK_RUNNING sepcifically,
>> instead of dump all tasks.
>> For example, when the loadavg are high, we want to dump
>> tasks in TASK_RUNNING and TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE, which contribute
>> to system load. But mostly there're lots of tasks in Sleep state,
>> which occupies almost all of the kernel log buffer, even overflows
>> it, that causes the useful messages get lost. Although we can
>> enlarge the kernel log buffer, but that's not a good idea.
>> So I made this change to make the show_state_filter more flexible,
>> and then we can dump the tasks in TASK_RUNNING specifically.
> It reads like magic and I really don't see the point.

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