Bjorn Andersson <> writes:

> This series starts by moving the common definitions of the QMUX protocol to 
> the
> uapi header, as they are shared with clients - both in kernel and userspace.
> This series then introduces in-kernel helper functions for aiding the handling
> of QMI encoded messages in the kernel. QMI encoding is a wire-format used in
> exchanging messages between the majority of QRTR clients and services.

Interesting!  I tried to add some QMI handling in the kernel a few years
ago, but was thankfully voted down.  See and the following
discussion. I am convinced that was the right decision, for the client
side at least. The protocol is just too extensive and ever-growing to be
implemented in the kernel. We would be catching up forever.

Note that I had very limited knowledge of the protocol at the time I
wrote that driver.  Still have, in fact :-)


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