According to their datasheets, the AXP221, AXP223, AXP288, AXP803,
AXP809 and AXP813 PEK have different values for startup time bits from
the AXP20X PEK (which are currently used for all the aforementioned PMICs).

This patch series adds support for platform_device_id to axp20x-pek driver
to support different startup time bits depending on PMIC's variant and set
the correct platform_device_id in the mfd.

This has been tested on AXP813. To perform the test, modify the value of
startup and/or shutdown of the pek in sysfs. Press the button soldered to
PEK input of the AXP the amount of time you set in sysfs. The PMIC shuts
down the board without needing to unplug any power supply. Press PEK button
the amount of time you set in sysfs for startup and the PMIC will start the
board. Note that the time bits are obivoulsy hardware reset to their
default when you unplug all power supplies from the board.

  - name correctly the newly added functions (remove ext_ in their name),
  - since only two functions remained with an ext_ in their name (and
  since they are used by the newly added functions), rename it directly in
  the first patch (thus, remove the second patch of v2),
  - fix over-80-chars line checkpatch warning,

  - instead of duplicating all extended attributes, use the driver_data of
  platform_device_id to get startup and shutdown times and their respective
  - remove extended attributes and use the structure storing startup and
  shutdown times and their respective masks,
  - separate in different patches,
  - removed mfd patch to correct mfd cell name since Chen-Yu will take care
  of it in another patch series,


Quentin Schulz (2):
  Input: axp20x-pek: use driver_data of platform_device_id instead of extended 
  Input: axp20x-pek: add support for AXP221 PEK

 drivers/input/misc/axp20x-pek.c | 147 +++++++++++++++++++++++----------
 1 file changed, 104 insertions(+), 43 deletions(-)

base-commit: 22bbe310b60b37b029659460843265f190364e48
git-series 0.9.1

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