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Thanks for replying.
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>> Hello,
>> I am currently using 3.18 linux kernel and getting below
> Sorry, you're on your own. You should ask for support from whoever
> forces you to use 3.18 kernel.

I have updated f_hid.c file to latest kernel though as I knew it would be too 
much to ask to get support for old code.

I am just not sure about how to instantiate the function driver as earlier f_fs 
was instantiating the hid driver. However, after hid got converted to new 
function driver who is responsible for calling setup, bind and unbind functions 
in f_hid.c ?

Below is the glue code in android.c.
static struct android_usb_function hid_function = {
       .name           = "hid",
       .init           = hid_function_init,
       .cleanup        = hid_function_cleanup,
       .bind_config    = hid_function_bind_config,
       .attributes     = hid_function_attributes,

Is there something similar in new function driver in upstream kernel?
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