Arnd Bergmann <> wrote:

> Ah, I'm slowly starting to understand how this fits together. So you can add
> a key either through key_add() from local user space, or through an rxrpc
> socket.

No, you can't add keys through an rxrpc socket.

There are three 'classes' of key:

 (1) Client keys (type rxrpc).  These must be added by add_key() by userspace
     (but could also be acquired by upcalling to /sbin/request-key) and then
     the kernel calls request_key() to locate them on entry through either a
     kafs inode/file operation or through sendmsg() to an AF_RXRPC socket.

 (2) Server keys (type rxrpc_s).  These are created by userspace and are
     presented to an AF_RXRPC server socket by calling setsockopt().  The
     server uses these to validate/decrypt the token passed by a RESPONSE

 (3) Service connection keys (type rxrpc).  These are created internally by
     AF_RXRPC after a successful challenge/response negotiation to hold the
     security details so that we have a struct key to pass around that
     corresponds to the key in (1).


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