This patch is an attempt to unify the kernel header files for AArch64
and ARM. We have developed similar patch for glibc, which unifies the
headers in sysdeps. We plan to post that separately to libc-alpha.

This developed patch is similar to something that X86 does with the
macros (__x86_64__) and (__ILP32__).

We have noticed some activity in this area in recent times,
Linux patches by Yury Norov:
[07/20] arm64:uapi: set __BITS_PER_LONG correctly for ILP32 and LP64

Glibc patches by Yury Norov (part of glibc-2.25):
[PATCH 13/27] [AARCH64] Set up wordsize for ILP32.
and other similar patches for AARCH64

The idea is to have aarch64 work with the 32-bit systems, so the
toolchain can detect the correct macros like WORDSIZE irrespective
of the architecture.
The main issue here is that 32 and 64 bit ARM are in distinct folders
unlike X86, hence the changes are fairly extensive.

I have attached a patch here that attempts to do this. This is a
fairly large patch (~2K lines) so I can split it up if required.
Can someone provide any feedback on this approach for unifying the
headers via patch, or having a single folder like X86 to do the job?

Best Regards,
Kaushik M. Phatak

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