Hi Andrew, Florian

在 2017/8/10 8:20, Andrew Lunn 写道:
Hi Florian, David.

I'm happy with the property name. But i think the text needs more
description. We deal with Ethernet switches with integrated PHYs. Yet
for us, this property is unneeded.

Seeing this property means some bit of software needs to ensure the
internal PHY should be used, when given the choice between an internal
and external PHY. So i would say something like:

     If set, indicates that the PHY is integrated into the same
     physical package as the Ethernet MAC. If needed, muxers should be
     configured to ensure the (internal) PHY is used. The absence of this
     property indicates the muxers should be configured so that the
     external PHY is used.

Are we supposed to replace the words "internal" with "integrated" here?
So we have three kinds of PHY, they are intenal, external and integrated PHYs.

This last part is important. If the bootloader has set the internal
PHY to be used, you need to reset it. Otherwise we are going to get
into a mess sometime later and need to add a phy-is-external property.

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