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This is a simple optimization for kvm_vcpu_on_spin, the
main idea is described in patch-1's commit msg.

I think this generally looks good now.

I did some tests base on the RFC version, the result shows
that it can improves the performance slightly.

Did you re-run tests on this version?

Hi Cornelia,

I didn't re-run tests on V2. But the major difference between RFC and V2
is that V2 only cache result for X86 (s390/arm needn't) and V2 saves a
expensive operation ( 440-1400 cycles on my test machine ) for X86/VMX.

So I think V2's performance is at least the same as RFC or even slightly
better. :)

I would also like to see some s390 numbers; unfortunately I only have a
z/VM environment and any performance numbers would be nearly useless
there. Maybe somebody within IBM with a better setup can run a quick

Won't swear I didn't screw something up, but here's some quick numbers. Host was 4.12.0 with and without this series, running QEMU 2.10.0-rc0. Created 4 guests, each with 4 CPU (unpinned) and 4GB RAM. VM1 did full kernel compiles with kernbench, which took averages of 5 runs of different job sizes (I threw away the "-j 1" numbers). VM2-VM4 ran cpu burners on 2 of their 4 cpus.

Numbers from VM1 kernbench output, and the delta between runs:

load -j 3               before          after           delta
Elapsed Time            183.178         182.58          -0.598
User Time               534.19          531.52          -2.67
System Time             32.538          33.37           0.832
Percent CPU             308.8           309             0.2
Context Switches        98484.6         99001           516.4
Sleeps                  227347          228752          1405

load -j 16              before          after           delta
Elapsed Time            153.352         147.59          -5.762
User Time               545.829         533.41          -12.419
System Time             34.289          34.85           0.561
Percent CPU             347.6           348             0.4
Context Switches        160518          159120          -1398
Sleeps                  240740          240536          -204

 - Eric

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