On Tue, Aug 08, 2017 at 08:57:24PM -0400, Sinan Kaya wrote:
> Sporadic reset issues have been observed with Intel 750 NVMe drive by
> writing to the reset file in sysfs in a loop. The sequence of events
> observed is as follows:
> - perform a Function Level Reset (FLR)
> - sleep up to 1000ms total
> - read ~0 from PCI_COMMAND
> - warn that the device didn't return from FLR
> - touch the device before it's ready
> An endpoint is allowed to issue Configuration Request Retry Status (CRS)
> following a FLR request to indicate that it is not ready to accept new
> requests. CRS is defined in PCIe r3.1, sec 2.3.1. Request Handling Rules
> and CRS usage in FLR context is mentioned in PCIe r3.1a, sec 6.6.2.
> Function-Level Reset.

Don't we have a similar issue for other types of reset?  I would think
conventional reset, e.g., using secondary bus reset, hotplug slot
power, power management, etc., would have the same situation where a
device might return CRS status.

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