Hi Mark,

On 19/07/17 17:01, Mark Rutland wrote:
+#define HWCAP_APIA           (1 << 16)

Can you rename it to HWCAP_ARM64_APIA or HWCAP_ARM_APIA?  When we
use it in user space, at least in GDB, we usually do this,

#ifndef HWCAP_APIA
#define HWCAP_APIA (1 << 16)

However, the code use this macro can be compiled on !arm64 host.
If HWCAP_APIA is defined on other !arm64 host and its value is not
(1 << 16), the program "aarch64_hwcap & HWCAP_APIA ? XXX : XXX;" is
wrong, and compiler doesn't complain.

I notice that mips, mn10300, sparc, and s390 define their HWCAP this
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