On 2018-02-02 21:52, Corey Minyard wrote:
On 02/01/2018 08:16 PM, Haiyue Wang wrote:
- Fix -Wdiscarded-qualifiers 'const' compile warning.
- Fix size_t printk compile error.

- Change to accept WRITE_START any time.


- Update the KCS phase state machine.
- Fix the race condition of read/write.


- Divide the driver into two parts, one handles the BMC KCS IPMI 2.0 state;    the other handles the BMC KCS controller such as AST2500 IO accessing. - Use the spin lock APIs to handle the device file operations and BMC chip
   IRQ inferface for accessing the same KCS BMC data structure.
- Enhanced the phases handling of the KCS BMC.
- Unified the IOCTL definition for IPMI BMC, it will be used by KCS and BT.

Provides a device driver for the KCS (Keyboard Controller Style)
IPMI interface which meets the requirement of the BMC (Baseboard
Management Controllers) side for handling the IPMI request from
host system software.

Ok, this is in my queue, it will go into next once 4.16-rc1 comes out, then into
4.16 if all goes well.

Thanks, for your patience and work on this.

*Really appreciate your time on the code review, I really learned more, thank you.  :-)

-- Haiyue

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