Hi Patrick,

Il 06/02/2018 19:36, Patrick Bellasi ha scritto:
On 06-Feb 19:14, Claudio Scordino wrote:
Hi Patrick,

At first glance, your proposal below makes to make sense.

However, I'm wondering if we cannot get it working using
rq->dl's provided information instead of flags?

Yes, we can use the value of rq->dl to check if there has been an increase of 
the deadline utilization.
Even if schedutil might have been triggered by a different scheduling class, 
the effect should be almost the same.

Below a potential patch. I've kept all frequency update decisions in a single 
point (i.e. sugov_should_update_freq).
Not yet tested (waiting for further comments).

I have a todo list entry to backport/test Peter's series on Android...
will add this patch too. Thanks.

Please discard my latest patch, as the tests on Odroid have shown performance 
(likely due to sugov_next_freq_shared being called more often)

Never mind. I have already tested another (even simpler) patch.
Sending soon as a new thread on LKML.

Many thanks and best regards,


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