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All these drivers is using watchdog_init_timeout() to set timeout.
If the timeout-parameter is set to an valid value, it will allways pick
that and not even consider if timeout-secs is set in devicetree.

Most of the patches will just remove the initial value for

Some of the drivers allready has documented device-tree-bindings for
timeout-secs (but will not work), add property for those which not.

I wrote a similiar (tested) patch for imx2 and simply did the same to these 
These patches is *NOT* tested, so please review extra carefully.

Taken from Documentation/watchdog/watchdog-kernel-api.txt:
        The watchdog_init_timeout function allows you to initialize the timeout 
        using the module timeout parameter or by retrieving the timeout-sec 
property from
        the device tree (if the module timeout parameter is invalid). Best 
practice is
        to set the default timeout value as timeout value in the 
watchdog_device and
        then use this function to set the user "preferred" timeout value.

Best regards
Marcus Folkesson

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