Hi Keith

On 02/10/2018 10:32 AM, jianchao.wang wrote:
> Hi Keith
> Thanks for your kindly response here.
> That's really appreciated.
> On 02/10/2018 01:12 AM, Keith Busch wrote:
>> On Fri, Feb 09, 2018 at 09:50:58AM +0800, jianchao.wang wrote:
>>> if we set NVME_REQ_CANCELLED and return BLK_EH_HANDLED as the RESETTING 
>>> case,
>>> nvme_reset_work will hang forever, because no one could complete the 
>>> entered requests.
>> Except it's no longer in the "RESETTING" case since you added the
>> "CONNECTING" state, so that's already broken for other reasons...
> Yes, but as your patch, we have to fail the IOs and even kill the controller.
> In fact, up to nvme_wait_freeze in nvme_reset_work, the RECONNECTING state 
> has been completed.
> We even could say it is in LIVE state. Maybe we should recover the controller 
> again instead
> of fail the IOs and kill the controller.
> On the other hand, can you share with me why we cannot use 
> blk_set_preempt_only to replace
> blk_freeze_queue ? we just want to gate the new bios out of 
> generic_make_request and we 
> needn't use the preempt requests.
> Looking forward your advice and directive.

Avoid wait_freeze in nvme_reset_work should be a better way to fix this defect.

> Thanks
> Jianchao

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