On 12/02/18 14:53, Mike Rapoport wrote:
> 'scripts/kernel-doc -v -none 

That has a quite interesting behavior.

I run it on genalloc.c while I am in the process of adding the brackets
to the function names in the kernel-doc description.

The brackets confuse the script and it fails to output the name of the
function in the log:

lib/genalloc.c:123: info: Scanning doc for get_bitmap_entry
lib/genalloc.c:139: info: Scanning doc for
lib/genalloc.c:152: info: Scanning doc for
lib/genalloc.c:164: info: Scanning doc for

The first function does not have the brackets.
The others do. So what should I do with the missing brackets?
Add them, according to the kernel docs, or leave them out?

I'd lean toward adding them.


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