On Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 3:32 PM, Dongsu Park <don...@kinvolk.io> wrote:

> Patches 1-2 deal with an additional flag of lookup_bdev() to check for
> additional inode permission.

fuse_blk is less suitable for unprivileged mounting than plain fuse.
fusermount doesn't allow mounting fuse_blk unprivileged, so there's
little data about that usecase (IIRC ntfs3g guys did that, or at least
tried to do it, but I don't remember the details).

As such, I think we should leave it out of the initial version.  Which
means you can drop patches 1-2 from this series.  Unless there's a
strong use case for this.  In which case we should look hard at the
differences between fuse_blk and fuse and how that affects
unprivileged operation.   There are a few assumptions about fuse_blk
filesystem being more "well behaved", I think.


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