This series adds device-tree nodes for Socionext audio system
for UniPhier LD11/LD20 SoCs. This one enables I2S output for
Line-In, Line-Out, S/PDIF output and compress audio output.

Katsuhiro Suzuki (3):
  arm64: dts: uniphier: add sound node for UniPhier
  arm64: dts: uniphier: add speaker out for UniPhier LD11/LD20 boards
  arm64: dts: uniphier: add compress audio out for UniPhier LD11/LD20

 .../boot/dts/socionext/uniphier-ld11-global.dts    | 62 ++++++++++++++
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/socionext/uniphier-ld11.dtsi   | 92 +++++++++++++++++++++
 .../boot/dts/socionext/uniphier-ld20-global.dts    | 62 ++++++++++++++
 arch/arm64/boot/dts/socionext/uniphier-ld20.dtsi   | 96 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 4 files changed, 312 insertions(+)


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