Den 2/11/2018 23:32, skrev Ywe Cærlyn:
Ii is an unique time to do something good, with available source, and dethrone Microsoft, its dodgy background, and lack of decent thread prioritation Unix had already in the 70s.

People should move to the BSD 3-clause licence though. Research shows that the licence becomes a symbol over longer periods of time, that needs to be acceptable to The Divine. BSD 3-clause is closest to this, and a principle of fair pay, along with the same philosophy, needs to be the relevant principle in what really is a purely business oriented environment. The dull "Gates In An Office" economy, also can be overtaken by a decentralized "enthusiast" fair pay online economy. Hackers dream come true.

BSD will then be the relevant OS, as it is a legal variant of Unix. And you know your job well, and can redo relevant parts in no time.

Be part of the Xay Glu Deliar Hackers.

Peaceful Salutations.

While Stallmans Hacker-fetish probably belongs in the gay club, along with related dances and lingo. "It is a fine thing to have sex with hackers" - Unofficial Stallman Quote.

Xay Glu Deliar Hackers, or Stalliman?

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