On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 9:29 AM, Meelis Roos <mr...@linux.ee> wrote:
>> This is 4.16-rc1+todays git on a lowly P4 with NV5, worked fine in 4.15:
> NV5 in another PC (secondary card in x86-64) made the systrem crash on
> boot, in nvkm_therm_clkgate_fini.

Mind booting with nouveau.debug=trace? That should hopefully tell us
more exactly which thing is dying. If you have a cross-compile/distcc
setup handy, a bisect may be even more useful.

It's funny, I had a NV5 plugged into my desktop for testing, and
*just* took it out (because the box wouldn't even get to BIOS anymore
... although it was unrelated to the NV5, probably just something


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