On Fri, Feb 16, 2018 at 07:57:07AM -0800, Tony Lindgren wrote:
> * Mark Brown <broo...@kernel.org> [180216 15:17]:

> > It's not just other operating systems, it's also other versions of
> > Linux we have to think about here.  The most obvious issue with audio is
> > the clocking where the division between ASoC and clock APIs is not super
> > obvious and could easily change in the future.

> Yeah let's stick to describing how the hardware is wired in the
> dts files. In this case it's really only the routing to the SoC,
> right?

The SoC and anything else on the board like external amps and so on.

> One advantage of using a compatible property for the pmic subdevices
> though is that it leaves out a dependency between various device
> drivers things happen automagically. The mfd core driver can be
> minimal and just implement interrupt handling and regmap. So no need
> to to parse the child nodes in the pmic mfd driver :)

There's no need to do that anyway - with a MFD the child devices can
assume that they're part of the MFD and reference their parent.

> So personally I'd prefer the option that requires least amount
> of custom code if compatible vs no compatible property is the
> only issue here.

It's a few lines of code to register the child devices from code rather
than the DT, and keeps it out of the ABI.

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