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The reset framework only supports device-tree. There are some platforms
however, which need to use it even in legacy, board-file based mode.

An example of such architecture is the DaVinci family of SoCs which
supports both device tree and legacy boot modes and we don't want to
introduce any regressions.

We're currently working on converting the platform from its hand-crafted
clock API to using the common clock framework. Part of the overhaul will
be representing the chip's power sleep controller's reset lines using
the reset framework.

This changeset extends the core reset code with new reset lookup
structures. Each lookup table contains a set of lookup entries which
allow the reset core to associate reset lines with devices (by
comparing the dev_id and con_id strings).

Machine code can register a set of reset lines using this lookup table
and concerned devices can access them using the regular reset_control

The new lookup function is only called as a fallback in case the
of_node field is NULL and doesn't change anything for current users.

Tested with a dummy reset driver with several lookup entries.

An example lookup table can be found below:

static struct platform_device foobar_reset_dev = {
         .name = "foobar-reset",

static struct reset_lookup_entry foobar_reset_lookup_entries[] = {
         { .con_id = "foo",    id = 15 },
         { .con_id = "bar",    id = 5  },

static struct reset_lookup_table foobar_reset_lookup_table = {
         .dev_id = "foobar-device",
         .entries = foobar_reset_lookup_entries,
         .num_entries = ARRAY_SIZE(foobar_reset_lookup_entries),
         .dev = &foobar_reset_dev.dev,

This seems like a lot of boilerplate to register a lookup. Can we have
something like phy_create_lookup() instead where there is just a single
function call to register a single lookup? This will be much easier to
use in the davinci PSC driver.

void reset_add_lookup(struct reset_controller_dev *rdev, int index,
                      const char *dev_id, const char *con_id);

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