On Fri, Feb 23, 2018 at 02:57:23PM +0100, John Ogness wrote:

> > Actually, it's even worse - _here_ you are dealing with something that
> > really can change inode under you.  This is one and only case where we
> > are kicking out a zero-refcount dentry without having already held
> > ->i_lock.  At the very least, it's bloody different from regular
> > dentry_kill().  In this case, dentry itself is protected from freeing
> > by being on the shrink list - that's what makes __dentry_kill() to
> > leave the sucker allocated.  We are not holding references, it is
> > hashed and anybody could come, pick it, d_delete() it, etc.
> Yes, and that is why the new dentry_lock_inode() and dentry_kill()
> functions react to any changes in refcount and check for inode
> changes. Obviously for d_delete() the helper functions are checking way
> more than they need to. But if we've missed the trylock optimization
> we're already in the unlikely case, so the extra checks _may_ be
> acceptable in order to have simplified code. As Linus already pointed
> out, the cost of spinning will likely overshadow the cost of a few
> compares.

It's not that you are checking extra things - you are checking the wrong
things.  "Refcount has returned to original" is useless.

> Do you recommend I avoid consolidating the 4 trylock loops into the same
> set of helper functions and instead handle them all separately (as is
> the case in mainline)?
> Or maybe the problem is how my patchset is assembling the final
> result. If patch 3 and 4 were refined to address your concerns about
> them but then by the end of the 6th patch we still end up where we are
> now, is that something that is palatable?

No.  The place where you end up with dput() is flat-out wrong.

> IOW, do the patches only need (possibly a lot of) refinement or do you
> consider this approach fundamentally flawed?

You are conflating the "we have a reference" cases with this one, and
they are very different.  Note, BTW, that had we raced with somebody
else grabbing a reference, we would've quietly dropped dentry from
the shrink list; what if we do the following: just after checking that
refcount is not positive, do
        inode = dentry->d_inode;
        if unlikely(inode && !spin_trylock...)
                drop ->d_lock
                grab inode->i_lock
                grab ->d_lock
                if unlikely(dentry->d_inode != inode)
                        drop inode->i_lock
                        if !killed
                                drop ->d_lock
                                drop parent's ->d_lock
*before* going into
                if (unlikely(dentry->d_flags & DCACHE_DENTRY_KILLED)) {
                        bool can_free = dentry->d_flags & DCACHE_MAY_FREE;

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