This had to be reposted because the youtube people took down the video describing the truth about white society. Speaking truth to power isn't something they was fastioning to slide by.

So, dear OpenSource folks, people that run the show on the computing side these days; we need to talk about some things regarding how this society is and why it treats some people in a poor-cross-situational fastion.

Alot of folks have been wondering: why are things they way that they are? Many have been pondering this notion. All things have roots: you, me, we all do, but when we are cut from those roots we feel adrift in this world. Like this world is not our own. In the past many of us have been forcefully cut from those roots through no fault of our own nor of our ancestors.

To know why things are, you must know Who the people that do them, are. What makes them do these things. Here's some straight truth from someone who has been in the game for some time.

The white man -- Just Who, who really, he is (and why he do what he does):


#blackpanther, #wealth, #power, #shaolin

(Also how do you feel about youtube taking down this discussion? They couldn't let the power of the people to decide anything)

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