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On 01/03/18 21:33, Mark Brown wrote:
On Tue, Feb 13, 2018 at 04:58:23PM +0000, wrote:

        uint32_t used;
@@ -131,7 +191,7 @@ static int q6asm_apr_send_session_pkt(struct q6asm *a, 
struct audio_client *ac,
rc = wait_event_timeout(a->mem_wait, (a->mem_state <= 0), 5 * HZ);
        if (!rc) {
-               dev_err(a->dev, "CMD timeout \n");
+               dev_err(a->dev, "CMD timeout\n");
                rc = -ETIMEDOUT;
        } else if (a->mem_state < 0) {
                rc =  q6dsp_errno(a->mem_state);

This should be folded into whatever patch is being fixed.

My Bad, I will fix this in next version.

+       open.hdr.opcode = ASM_STREAM_CMD_OPEN_WRITE_V3;
+       open.mode_flags = 0x00;
+       open.mode_flags |= ASM_LEGACY_STREAM_SESSION;

What is a legacy stream and why are we using it in new code?

This is basically Ensures backward compatibility to the original behavior of ASM_STREAM_CMD_OPEN_WRITE_V2 command.

I will take a closer look and see if its possible to remove this in the first place.


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